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24 February 2010 @ 02:19 pm
When Love and Pride Collide #3  
Title: When Love and Pride Collide
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Toshiy/Die, Die/Toshiya
Summary for part 3: Their involvement got 'deeper' still...
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character in this story.

They were on an international tour again. The schedule was tight, as they were required to perform within short intervals, sometimes as often as four times a week. They spent most of the time on the road, living on a bus tour from city to city. It was what they hated most; the feeling of being confined as well as the inevitable presence of—sometimes unwanted—other people. They did nothing but tuning their instrument while occasionally glanced outside the window, trying to figure out where they were, how near were they to the next destination.

It was one of those afternoons, when suddenly the bus broke down. Worse, it was in the middle of nowhere. One of the foreign staff had called an emergency hotline number, but it took time for the mechanic to arrive. A tent was set up to anticipate long waiting hours, and chairs were dragged outside. Toshiya took a seat on one of those chairs, intended to read a paperback he brought along, but it was too hot a day to fully concentrate on the reading. Suddenly, something cold and wet touched his nape. Toshiya yelped and jumped.

“What the fuck—Die!”

The guitarist grinned widely, on his hands were two cans of beer—one which he offered to Toshiya. “Here, you have to drink a lot in a day like this to prevent dehydration.”

Toshiya scoffed, “and why it’s supposed to be beer?”

“It’s the only available drink in the fridge. Unless you prefer the warm water from the tap, which is fine by me.” Die sat on a chair next to him, sipping his own can.

Toshiya sighed exasperatedly and took the offered can. “Really, with our schedule and hard work, we deserve to get something better for our welfare...” he mumbled.

Both men were silent for a moment. Kaoru, together with their staff was walking around making phone calls. He looked busy and rather tired, having to do extra chores in the middle of such weather.

“You know...” Toshiya said, “In times like this I feel respectful towards Kaoru. He might be a prat, but he gets the work done. There’s no way I could handle such responsibility myself.”

Die mumbled an agreement amongst puffing out the cigarette smoke. “Well, he said he felt bad for agreeing to such ambitious schedule from our management.”

Toshiya chuckled, “Damn right it was ambitious. I haven’t had a proper rest and decent meal, let alone a wank.” The last word earned Die’s side glance, which wasn’t left unnoticed by Toshiya.

“You’re so sensitive towards such word recently, Die, I wonder why!” he said in an amused tone.

Die kicked the side of his friend’s chair, causing Toshiya to go ‘hey!’, but laughed afterward. “Well, someone apparently had gotten me into it, but you! You sound like sex deprived person, Tosh.”

 “It’s true. I need release so bad my balls feels like exploding sometimes; especially during live when everything was good. It felt like I’m going to shoot my load on my brand new bass at anytime.”

Die laughed loudly to the mental image. “And I suppose the bus shower wasn’t good enough for your noble wank?”

 “If I could have just 30 minutes without someone knocking on my door and yelling that he needs to piss, it would. Though it’s always better if someone would to do the job for me...”

Die turned to him, and their eyes met. The stare ignited something inside of them, and both men looked away quickly in fear that they couldn’t handle the passion any longer.



It was half an hour or so later, when Kaoru came to the tent with a look of relief on his face.

“Yo, what’s up? Care to sit and drink with us?” Toshiya pushed a chair towards Kaoru, inviting him to sit.

The band leader shook his head. “No thanks, I’ve got some news for us. Apparently, it will take a while for the mechanic to repair our bus. There had been some trouble with the engine due to overheat and they need to replace something—at least that’s what it sounds like. Now, a van will arrive in ten minutes to drive us to nearest motel where we’ll stay the night. Don’t expect anything fancy, I warn you.”

“Kaoru, that’s sounds like heaven, but what about tomorrow night’s gig?” Toshiya asked. Fancy place was the least he would demand when clean bed and showering with plenty of water was available.

 “Once the bus is done with repairing, it will go straightly to our venue so there wouldn’t be any delay with the setup, while we’re going on a rented car. I figured that if we can have a decent rest tonight, and left at dawn, can pull it off tomorrow.”

Die stood up and patted Kaoru’s shoulder. “Thanks dude, really.”

“Yeah, well…just go and prepare…” he muttered coyly while strutted away.

Die was about to climb up the bus and did as he was told, when Toshiya stopped him. Die turned around to his bassist friend, meaning to ask. But he found it unnecessary. The look on Toshiya’s face, and the way he leaned and rubbed his ass against Die’s crotch as they left to grab their belonging, was unmistakable.



The two men entered their room and sighed in relief as they abandoned their belonging on the floor and climbed upon the bed. The low humming sound of the air conditioner gives them a feeling of comfort after the heat exposure.  As expected, the motel was nothing fancy. The twin beds were old and squeaking, but comfortable and spacious enough once they could ignore the noise. The bath tub was doubtful, especially for Die who cared so much about sanitation and wouldn’t even dare to imagine the people that previously used it, but the water was plenty and refreshing.

“So...do you want to eat something? I heard from the guy that picked us up this place offers proper meal.” Die offered.

“I don’t care about food right now. Sleep is all I need at the moment, and shower…of course.” Toshiya groaned as he stood up and taking off his damp shirt, his naked back exposed. Die watched how the muscles underneath the smooth skin flexed, and he swallowed. Toshiya turned at him, smiling as if he could read Die’s mind.

“Join me?”



They were wet and naked again, soapy hands roamed all over each other’s body, and passionate grunts were audible.

“Careful, the walls are thin.” Die said in between their kiss.

“Exactly...” Toshiya said impatiently. “Then we will know if someone’s there...”

Die smiled and resumed his attack on Toshiya’s throat. The bassist closed his eyes and leaned against the cold wall, unable to keep the moan low. The lower knelt while lapping on his skin, the more excited he was. Then, when he noticed Die paused right at the rim of his pubic hair, he looked down and noticed the hesitant look in Die’s eyes.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want…” Toshiya said despite his ache. His cock was hard and stiff right below Die’s chin.

“But you’ve—” Die began, but Toshiya cut him.

“No, it doesn’t work like that.” He led Die to stand and started kissing him again. “I did it because I wanted it. I’m crazy about your cock, haven’t you noticed so far?”

Toshiya seemed like tying to emphasize his statement by reaching down for Die’s cock and started to stroke it gently. Die uttered a cry that was torn between laughter and moan.

“Thanks. I guess…I’m just not ready.”

“I can see...” Toshiya snickered and bit Die’s jaw lightly. “I’m willing to wait for this gorgeous mouth to be ready for me.”



Die laughed again. “Always flattering…but how are we supposed to do with this?”

Die’s big hand grabbed both of his cock and Toshiya’s and stroking it together. Toshiya moaned loudly against Die’s neck.

“About that…” Toshiya’s hand crept on his back, pausing at his ass. “I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad for some time...”

“What? No!” Die muttered disagreement upon knowing Toshiya’s drift, his hands instinctively dropped.

“Come on...” He breathed on Die’s neck, and soon his mouth travelled down on Die’s chest. “It will be good...”

“How do you know? You never did it before...” Die’s voice was raspy; his eyes fixed intensely on Toshiya, who was sucking on the skin below his navel, his chin so close to the base of his dick, half kneeling in front of him.

“I know I’m good.”

The bassist said with confidence. He went lower and started to lick the tip of Die’s cock. At that time, the sound of water course from the next room was heard. It distracted them for a while. Toshiya stood and they pulled away.

“That must be Shinya or Kaoru. Fuck…let’s finish showering and continue this in bed.”



When Die returned to the room, his lower body wrapped by tiny towel that practically covered nothing but his cock, Toshiya was standing naked next to one of the bed. He was toweling his hair, back was facing Die at first, but then he turned around. Die’s heartbeat paced as to see that Toshiya was still hard, his cock swayed lightly as he moved.

“Are you still hesitating? Because I’m not going to force you into anything.” Toshiya asked; his hand reached out for Die’s.

“No,” Die lied.

He was scared. He was worried about his masculine pride and all; of the fact that he was older, and they were both men, but Toshiya demanded his submission. He was nervous of the possibility, for the first time, of being invaded, while all along he was the one who took the role of invader. He was terrified that such experience will trigger changes, exposures as to which he would be revealed as vulnerable and defenseless.

But then he saw the look in Toshiya’s eyes, tracing a hint of uncertainty in his stare. And he knew that the younger man was equally tense. Toshiya’s last statement was more like self-reassuring words, as much as he tried to convince Die. That he soon understood Toshiya’s doubt; that it would alter him the same, and how Toshiya was anxious about not doing things right.

“There’s no turning back after this.”

Die, had never for once doubting his friend before, found no reason not to believe in him. Instinctively, Die pulled the towel around his hips, disclosing his own throbbing cock.

“No…I’m ready...” he said, finally.



Both of them were on the bed, Die lied on his stomach, pillows were piled underneath his hips to give some angle. They knew as much, but there are a lot of other things they were clueless about. Toshiya was tearing a packet of condom—the sight of him spitting the foil container as he put the rubber on was very arousing—when Die thought of something.

“I think we need something to...you know...smoothen things...” Die mentioned in half embarrassment, as Toshiya’s fingers slid between the cleft of his buttock, touching his entrance.

“Yeah...I wouldn’t want you to hurt so much...” Toshiya reluctantly left the bed and rummaged his bag. “Body lotion. That will do.”

Die laughed despite their current situation, “We really should stop relying on care product and have the real thing around...”

“I’m not that optimist to have the thought of buying lube, you know…”

He heard the sound of tube being uncapped and watched as Toshiya poured a generous amount of the lotion on his palm, swallowed anticipatively when Toshiya smeared the thick liquid on his cock, and wiped the remain on him.

“Oh fuck...” Die gasped when Toshiya’s finger slid into him, the liquid felt cold.

“How do you feel...” Toshiya asked.

Die squirmed from the strange feeling of having Toshiya’s finger moving inside him. The sensation, though, was definitely a good omen.

“Just...fuck me already...”

When Toshiya straddled him—one hand on Die’s shoulder while the other one resting on his own cock—and at last, he slid into Die in one smooth thrust, Die moaned, long and low, into the pillow.

“Are you okay?” Toshiya asked; his hand squeezed Die’s shoulder.

“Yes...God, yes...” Die muttered despite the discomfort.

Toshiya’s hip started to move, slowly at first, back and forth rhythmically. With each thrust, they both made throaty sound. If it wasn’t due to Toshiya’s weigh, Die would have budged, because Toshiya was rather big. And although he touched it before, having the cock inside him was altogether different. The feeling of being invaded didn’t come across as painful as how he thought it would be, but odd nonetheless. He felt paradoxical; dominated, powerless in Toshiya’s absolute mercy, and it gave him fright. At the same time, it provided him a sense of completeness, and without doubt, pleasure. The sensation of Toshiya’s cock pulled away before sliding back inside was strong, and worse still, it got more intense. Die Began to wonder how he could even feel reluctant earlier.

“Oh fuck…Die…I’m coming...”

Die felt the twitch on Toshiya’s cock before the bassist finally slid out and collapsed at his side, panting. Die shifted, lying on his side facing Toshiya, and pleaded.

“Release me, Toshiya…I’m so close…” He took Toshiya’s hand and guided it to his cock.

Toshiya knew what Die needed, and continued what he did previously. His lips on the crown on Die’s cock, while fingers circling around and moved up and down the length. At the last moment, Die gave a light push on Toshiya’s shoulder as a sign. Toshiya pulled away just in time when Die’s body shuddered, along with a heavy groan, in orgasm.

Once the effect washed away, Die felt like he had no power left. It took him the last of his power to roll on his back, and when he managed to lie properly, he saw Toshiya cleaned up drips of semen from his face.

“You have the habit to come on my face,” Toshiya grunted, throwing away the tissue and flopped down to Die’s side. “I started to feel like a porn star.”

“I can’t help it when your lips are such a target.” Die laughed, but at the next second, he ran his thumbs along Toshiya’s chin, his palm rested on Toshiya’s cheek. “I’m sorry about that.”

He pulled Toshiya’s face closer for a deep kiss, and when they pulled away, he didn’t let go. Instead, Die shifted closer and rested his head next to Toshiya, close enough to hear the other man’s calming heartbeat.

“I’m kidding. I don’t mind.” Toshiya said. His voice from inside the chest sounded like rumble in Die’s ear. “Besides, you get more delicious each time.”

“Really?” Die asked curiously.

Toshiya laughed, kissing his temple before replying. “You really, really should taste it yourself sometime if you’re so curious about it.”

The aftermath of the sex hit them hard afterward. They began to feel drowsy, and, with the last of energy they had, managed to crawl under the blanket. None of them thought of putting something on. As they drifted to sleep, legs tangled, the last thing they noticed was the noise Kaoru made as he shouted at someone on the phone that seeped through the thin wall.

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anjustangel on August 24th, 2010 06:05 am (UTC)
Hey there!
Thank you for the comment! Glad you enjoyed it ;)
I'm currently writing the 4th chapter. Alas, the more complicated plot + workload don't actually complement each other :(