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21 February 2010 @ 06:13 pm
When Love and Pride Collide #2  
Title: When Love and Pride Collide
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Toshiy/Die, Die/Toshiya
Summary for part 2: it slowly becomes a habit for them to sneak out and have some fun
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character in this story.

What happened at the hotel suite was the beginning of a mutual arrangement between Toshiya and Die. It didn’t stop right there, instead, the two men took it as a pastime, something to amuse themselves in between the long, exhausting hours of work. Both Die and Toshiya considered it as a game; it simply added to the list of all the wicked thing they did together. The art of sneaking away from everybody, the sudden timing that they decided in an impulse and the excitement of doing a forbidden thing were too addictive.

The fact that they had to be away from home most of the time, too, was a tremendous contribution in setting the pattern. It helped them to keep their head cool during times when high tension occurred. After a while, neither felt the need to resist the instinct; they succumbed to each other when it came to lust and the need for some release.



The meeting that night was long, and they were tired already from rehearsing during the day. The fact that they were discussing a matter about their upcoming tour to a foreign rep made things worse, as a translator was required. Two languages used, two times longer the discussion took.

When Toshiya could no more concentrate and felt like falling asleep in any moment, he tugged Kaoru’s sleeve and leaned closer. “Do you mind if I go out for some coffee and cigs?”

Kaoru looked like he minded. “Should you? We’re talking about the upcoming tour right now.”

“I know. My English is better than you.” Toshiya replied flatly. “But if I stay any longer, I might fall asleep and snore, and you’re the one who will reap the shame—”

“Alright, alright...” Kaoru had never won any trivial argument over Toshiya. “Five minutes max.”

“You got it!” Toshiya made a cross over his heart and quickly left the room.

It was soon appeared, though, that Toshiya had no intention on keeping his promise. A can of coffee and two cigarettes later, Toshiya was still loitering at the meeting room lobby. It wasn’t like he had a thing to do, but at least he could yawn all he want, and wouldn’t have to sit so prim and quiet the whole time. Besides, the meeting could go on without him as he couldn’t think of contributing something substantial.

Toshiya was having his third cigarette when Die appeared.

“Hey! What’s up?”

 “Kaoru asked me to see find out what you’re up to, and drag you back to the meeting.” Die said, while on the contrary, he lit his own cigarette and checked for any incoming mail on his cell phone.

“Kaoru picked the wrong person.” Toshiya mocked

Die shrugged uncaringly “He should have known better.”

Toshiya muttered his agreement. They were silent for a brief moment, before Toshiya suddenly had an idea. “Hey, you know what I have in mind?”

“If it’s something pervert, spare me.”

“Aww, you’re no fun! Come on!” Toshiya signaled Die to follow as he walked away from the meeting room. Die looked half troubled, but chose to follow his friend since returning to the meeting room was pointless without Toshiya; Kaoru would send him out again.



“Is this what you have in mind, your studio?”

“Sex in the studio isn’t kinky enough for you? I’m surprised, Die!”

“No, I mean...” Die felt embarrassed. “What if people finds out? Besides, we have no time for that.”

“This room is perfect, Die. It’s designed to be soundproof and private so we won’t be disturbed during arranging and…some other things...”

Die sighed. He realized that there was no possible way of talking Toshiya out of his idea when he was determined, or worse, horny. The bassist had even started to land short kisses on his jaw, which was more than distracting.

“Come on, Die. I want you.” Toshiya said, but in reality he didn’t bother to wait for Die’s consent. He had begun to struggle with Die’s shirt, undoing the button and kissing on the slowly exposed skin. It felt nice, and Die started to enjoy it.

When Toshiya tugged his nipple with his teeth, Die had lost total control. He grabbed Toshiya’s hair and pulled him up that their eyes were level, and attacked the bassist’s lips. Toshiya responded almost too eagerly, and both waited no longer to unbuckle their jeans.

The hand that reached inside Die’s jeans was an impatient one. It seemed like Touching Die’s cock was all Toshiya needed, instead of trying to achieve his own pleasure. Die himself was too accustomed, that once the warmth of Toshiya’s hand wrapped around him, his cock was fully erected.

“You’re impressive...” Toshiya didn’t try to hide his adoration. “Beautiful and impressive...”

Die smiled shyly. He too, could spend hours worshipping the other man, the ways in which he made him feel, but finding the right words was not easy, for he’s always the man of action. Instead of words, he leaned for another kiss and began to give Toshiya the equal pleasure.

 “Oh God...”After a while Toshiya, eyes shut close in rapture, panted. “Die...this is not enough. I need more...I want to do more...”

Die halted with the movement of his hand and stared at Toshiya in anticipation. “What do you have in mind?”

“Blow job sounds good...”

“What, no!” Die unconsciously stepped back. “There’s no way I’d let you stick your dick in my mouth.”

“Rather...” Toshiya pulled him back, “I was thinking of having yours in mine.”

Die’s eyes widened. The offer was something he would expect to come out of Toshiya. “I thought you said you need more.”

“I do. Isn’t having your cock in my mouth is more than just holding it in my hand? Besides…” Toshiya kissed him, “You’ll suck mine in return, only, later.”

The thought of giving a blowjob is somewhat appalling for Die. And yet he couldn’t help but thinking on Toshiya’s offer; on how the luscious lips would wrap against his cock, Toshiya’s tongue would make him feel.



Die shut his eyes closed, but instead of darkness he saw stars, when the warmth of Toshiya’s mouth welcomed him. He arched his back, groaning, his toes curled against the carpet as he sat on the edge of the table, upper body propped by both of his arms. Toshiya kneeled between his widely parted legs.

“Oh God...”

It was better, beyond anything, than he could imagine. Toshiya was subtle and straightforward, unlike any other women that Die had been with. He didn’t hesitate or tease and torture him with licks and feathery touches—perhaps from the lack of experience, but it didn’t really matter—and took him wholly from the start. Toshiya gagged at first, the vibration from his throat gave Die a shrill of excitement, but managed to control it once he knew how to breath while having Die’s cock in his mouth. He sucked hard, while his hand went massaging Die’s ball, his long hair swept on Die’s lower abdomen as he bobbed up and down, lips sliding along Die’s cock.

“Oh fuck, you’re good…” Die’s hand reached Toshiya’s head, fingers slid inside the mass of curly hair.

Toshiya felt like smiling despite the fact that his mouth was occupied. His teeth scraped Die’s cock, earning and ‘Ouch, careful’, from the older man. It didn’t take too long, since they were already halfway to the climax when they started, for Die to reach his orgasm. He came hard, without warning, inside Toshiya’s mouth, while he made a muffled cry of bliss.

“Eww...” Toshiya said right after spitting Die’s semen on a tissue paper. “Die jizz.”

“Sorry...it was too good, I couldn’t stop myself.”

He “It’s okay. You’re clean, aren’t you?”

 “Last time I checked, yeah.” Die shrugged. “So how did it taste?”

Toshiya smirked, “Wanna taste?” He leaned closer and kissed Die.

“Not so bad...it’s like a badly cooked chawan mushi.” Die laughed.

“Gross! You should try to have a load shot in your mouth sometime!”

“I will...who knows?” Die smiled a smile that seemed like a promise. “Now…there’s something more important to be taken care of.”

The guitarist moved down and reached Toshiya’s cock, still hard, and began to stroke. “Fuck, how did you manage to hold it?”

“I’m always...the determined type.” Toshiya smiled while closing his eyes as the sensation washed him.

They shifted their position; Toshiya was now leaning against Die, face buried on Die’s neck as if to stifle any noise he made. Die’s mouth was kissing his shoulder, the skin tasted like sweat and tobacco and fragrance—or was it Toshiya’s natural scent, he couldn’t tell.

Toshiya couldn’t have enough of Die’s thumb, rough from the guitar playing, rubbing the crown of his cock. He  moaned, one after another between the interval of his rapid breath, with every stroke. Die’s hand was majesty, a key to forbidden pleasure Toshiya was all too eager to reach. He raised his head and pleaded.

“Kiss me Die...kiss me...”

And they kissed, such a non tender kiss, but demandingly. A kiss when lust took control, tongue lapping and teeth tugging on each other’s lips. Sharp intake of breath, rhythmic movement. Impatience. And when Toshiya came, he let out a sharp cry, which Die silenced with his mouth.

“God, that was intense...” Toshiya sighed tiredly.

“Good thing you undid the button of my shirt earlier.” Die said, as he wiped Toshiya’s semen from his hand, stomach and chest—some dripped on his pants.

“Sorry about that.” Toshiya smiled meekly.

Die laughed. “I’ll forgive you since you took mine in your mouth.”



When Die and Toshiya returned the meeting was nearly over. Settlement was made. Kaoru looked troubled as they missed the important part of the discussion.

“Where have you two been?”

“Oh, I was about to return earlier, but then Die came and said he was bored, so I entertained him.” Toshiya said casually.

Die kicked his shin out of embarrassment. Across the room, Shinya and Kyo suppressed their laughter, gladly welcoming some distraction. Toshiya winked at them understandingly. On the other hand, Kaoru shot them a dangerous look. He regretted that he asked earlier, and could only be thankful that Toshiya was thoughtful enough to say the lewd comment in Japanese so the guy from the foreign record company wouldn’t understand. Sighing tiredly, the leader of the band told the notorious couple to sit, unknowing of how close Toshiya’s answer was to reality.


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fonulyn: DxT livefonulyn on February 21st, 2010 12:20 pm (UTC)
I loved Die's first reaction to the word "blowjob" x) haha, when he was all "eww nooo" about it. But he'll get there, too 8D Sooner or later.

I was just working on some school reports so my brains aren't working properly, but yeah, liked this^^
an: txd stagejustangel on February 23rd, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
That Die is. Rest assure about that, love :*
kameikosui on February 22nd, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
an: dxt crimsonjustangel on February 23rd, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Thanks :D